Browse Day: February 26, 2017

Land of the Golden Subaru

If you want to spend time in a community filled with bitter middle-aged divorced women, then you definitely should go live in Taos NM.  For that matter, throw in the phreaks and antisocial people of the West Mesa – and the “Earthship People” near Tres Piedras – and I guarantee you will have made your recipe for isolation and quiet disdain.

If that Northern New Mexican woman (likely displaced from the US Northeast) is worrisome, though, just watch for the Subaru!  The most despicable, self-centered, bitter and hostile women in Northern New Mexico *all* drive cars from Subaru.  Santa Fe is worse than Taos, but not by much.

Here’s the acid test.  Go walk around on a weekday afternoon in Cid’s grocery store in Taos.  If you’re the least bit sensitive, you will immediately recognize the high level of anxiety in the store – and the high number of middle-aged divorced women.  When you’ve gotten to the point of “over saturation”, pay your bill and go out in the parking lot.  Half the vehicles there are from Subaru.

Did you know the 4-cyl Subaru engine, used in all their passenger cars from the 1970s to the most recent models, is the exact same engine Subaru built for the Kamikaze aircraft used at Pearl Harbor???

Same engine, different aggressors.  No wonder there are so many angry American women driving cars from Subaru.

I just bought a very old Chevy “project car” with my new oil & gas contract, but I love love love my Buick!!!