Browse Day: July 18, 2017

Yeeha Rain!

Had plenty of rain on the trip North, but manageable. As long as the sun comes out in the mornings, it doesn’t take long to dry out any wet sleeping bags or blankets. I got a great 3″ latex mattress that fits the tent perfectly and gives everyone a nice cushie place to sleep. It’s a space-hog in the Buick, but well worth it.

Love my girl Lysa. She’s a great traveller and partner for car camping!

Don’t smoke or drink, don’t eat animals, pray.

We are definitely moving into a monsoon rain pattern, with storms forming over all the mountain ranges. The ones firing off the San Mateo and Jemez bring us wonderful lightning – and occasional rain.

Sober 90 days tomorrow, and my friend Debi is throwing a little party. Beautiful girl with an indelible New York accent.

It’s kinda neato that girls with years and years of sober time want to spend time with me! At least they see/understand/feel the realities of alcoholism. Liars, cheats and thieves we are. Unlike the “normal people” out there, though, we don’t deny our scoundrel ways!

I’d post a photo of Debi dancing naked with sparklers up at Costilla, but she’d shoot me! So I’ll post her picture from before she took off all her clothes!