Browse Day: July 29, 2017

Portrait of the Artist

Finished this Tuesday and it’s already gotten more than 4000 likes, a dozen good offers, and an offer to hang it at a gallery in Corrales.

Gouache and acrylic glaze on canvas; 36×54

I am stunned by the depth of colors and the freedom it ultimately revealed.

I don’t want to sell it but I do need the money. Need to pay a debt to someone in Taos County, get that off my back. Thinking about it.

I’m 100-days sober and free from the burdens of dope and nicotine. I’ve not been this long without nicotine since I was 14-yrs old.

We’re trying a brand new beta blocker for my heart but it’s making me pretty sick. It’s just taking my blood pressure down wayy too low – so I’m always dizzy, shaky, and too fatigued. My new Cardiology team at Presbyterian is excellent but we’re going to have to go all the way back through testing/experimenting with different meds. Every cardiologist has a slightly different protocol/opinion. The lead, though, is a great guy.

Heading back North next week and I can hardly wait! We have a good little crew going this time. My friend Desiree claims to be hell on trout with a flyrod, so we shall see. D and I like handline fishing.