Best Creative Platform

Chevy S10 circ 1990’s

I’m watching for an S10 to project. A 1986 would be really special but the more rounded bodies of the 90’s still give me respect and feelings to create.

And I think Chevy would make a fortune if they brought us back a brand new truck’cito. I’d buy one and I know most of my friends and family would buy one – or steal one – because they were always awesome little trucks. There currently are NO real mini-trucks in production for the US market.

It’s so amazing when whole departments of people are assigned to assess what you and I might want or buy. Marketing. It works amazingly well. Then it doesn’t.

But does it always work within the contexts of our news-byte commercial/advertising television world. Yup. Amazingly well.

Furthermore, advertising/marketing makes a media that transformed itself very quickly – and almost transparently – into an internet sensation of itself. Google, Facebook and Twitter. What an odd but effective way for us to communicate and record. Facebook. A heretofore unknown advertising platform. I’m increasingly grateful for the alnico wrapped-steel pickups on my guitar, the 60s Sylvania analog vacuum tubes in my amp, and the true blues I’m able to play. Thank God it’s easy to play the blues.

I suppose I want a twitter account. I guess. If I have to. if I can only figure it out….