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Too Cool for School!

What an awesome little scooter!  The Icebear Mad Dog is a 49cc scooter that borrows from the stripped-down minibike styling of the Honda Ruckus; but with better performance and a sweet pricetag: under $1500 for most models.  I wouldn’t ride it on the interstate but for local trips to the grocery, around the ‘hood, or even light trails, it’s a totally rude little rig!


Ghost Ranch

This was my first visit to Ghost Ranch, a spiritual retreat in New Mexico that’s frequented by painters and sculptors from around the world.  I stayed near the western-most spot where Georgia O’Keefe is known to have painted, though her painting of the same subject came out a little different from mine!

ghostRanch_web1 ghostRanch_web


Ghost Ranch – 14″ x 10″, Gouche and ink on paper.


Empire [commission]

Inspired by opening narration in Delta Heavy’s “Empire” and painted under commission.  10″ x 8″ canvas board, acrylic, ink, wire, clippings.

empire001 empire004 empire002 empire003 empire005 empire006