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Yeeha Rain!

Had plenty of rain on the trip North, but manageable. As long as the sun comes out in the mornings, it doesn’t take long to dry out any wet sleeping bags or blankets. I got a great 3″ latex mattress that fits the tent perfectly and gives everyone a nice cushie place to sleep. It’s a space-hog in the Buick, but well worth it.

Love my girl Lysa. She’s a great traveller and partner for car camping!

Don’t smoke or drink, don’t eat animals, pray.

We are definitely moving into a monsoon rain pattern, with storms forming over all the mountain ranges. The ones firing off the San Mateo and Jemez bring us wonderful lightning – and occasional rain.

Sober 90 days tomorrow, and my friend Debi is throwing a little party. Beautiful girl with an indelible New York accent.

It’s kinda neato that girls with years and years of sober time want to spend time with me! At least they see/understand/feel the realities of alcoholism. Liars, cheats and thieves we are. Unlike the “normal people” out there, though, we don’t deny our scoundrel ways!

I’d post a photo of Debi dancing naked with sparklers up at Costilla, but she’d shoot me! So I’ll post her picture from before she took off all her clothes!

Northbound Again

Like the Dire Straits song but reverse the direction.

Leaving tomorrow or Friday for a week in the North country, mainly the headwaters of the Costilla River (right on the Colorado border) and the Blanca Peak wilderness area.  I’ve looked at Blanca Peak in awe, studied all the maps, and decided the best place to camp is accessible from the NE side (adding another 3 hours of driving).

My good friends, Debbie and Debi, will be joining us for the last few days of the adventure.  My best friend and sometimes nurse, Lysa, will be riding shotgun for the whole trip.

So how does a guy like me survive two nights in a freakin’ tent with three good-lookin’ women?  I’m thinkin’ the best way is to go to bed earlier than all my wild girlfriends, get settled, and make grunting noises when they bring all that girlpower into the space.  If that doesn’t work, then I go sleep in the car with the doors locked!

I’ve made two bamboo bobber rigs, and I’ve been practicing with my fly rod since April, so I’m gonna go terrorize those wild trout in the Northern Sangres!  All the fish I’ve seen up on the Costilla are really too small to eat; but the little monsters will be fun to catch & release!

Gotta stop in to see friends, too, in Taos and Arroyo Hondo; then the best AA meeting in New Mexico at Questa.  We’re going to hit the little club at San Luis, too.

Yayyy!  Finally going to the high country where it’s cool and we can experience a high-mountain thunderstorm!!!

Sadly I became such a worthless and arrogant prick, before I moved back South from Taos, most of my friends in the Taos area don’t even want to speak to me.

I no longer have the luxury of thinking I might never drink again; but two things give me much hope:  (a) I’ve never submerged myself to this degree in the honesty and humility of working our steps; and (b) I don’t have a lot of time left.  I don’t need to worry about staying sober for years.  Just today.  Just enough.

I want to die sober and surrounded by my loving, caring and TRUE family.  I can attain that.  Not so much to aspire to, based on the condition of my heart; but I’m 77 days sober and totally on fire with my own quirky step-driven spirituality.

Constant and persistent prayers for those of my past whom I have hurt or caused harm.  You are the most important people in my life, the ones to whom I owe the greatest debt of gratitude.

Que se vaya la paz contigo.




Heavyweights coming to the ABQ

In addition to the Flux Pavilion makeup show (probably in December), Albuquerque’s Historic El Rey Theater will host a show by Borgore on New Year’s Eve and a heavy heavy must-see show by DJ Carnage on January 15th.

Both shows will likely sell out, so get your tickets while you can!

And don’t forget we have Getter here at Gravity Nightclub on November 7th!

This is an awesome town for electronic music, and it just keeps getting better and better!


Flux coming later!

Flux Pavilion and Loudpvck were stranded by flooding in Dallas and could not make the Albuquerque show on Friday night. Diskord and Nghtmre played extra-long sets, though, and we all get to go back and see Flux and Loudpvck later in the season. Possibly in December when their tour is wrapping up. There’s even a chance that show will feature different opening acts so, in a way, we got two shows for the price of one!

Not to discount the evening, though, as we totally enjoyed Nghtmre’s show! There seemed to be a few glitches with the sound system; but it kinda looked like multiple entities were working together to insure we had a great bass music experience. It’s not easy to stitch multiple systems together without any issues.

Nghtmre is out on the road for his very first tour, and he’s a solid contender in the trap scene. It’s early in the tour, too, so the newness hasn’t yet worn off.  He gave an outstanding and energetic performance!


As always, the crew at the El Rey could not have been better! Their ability to manage large crowds with lots of underage attendees, and to do it with such grace and courtesy, is the mark of excellent management and teamwork! It’s wonderful to walk out of a show at two in the morning and notice that everyone around us looks safe to drive home.  Thank you, El Rey Theater!

We’ll be back…

Yellow Claw Plays Albuquerque!

Here they are in Amsterdam just ten days ago.  They’ll be coming straight from Netherlands to the Albuquerque show on May 14th, then on to Global Dub on the 15th at Red Rocks. Will be a rare and outstanding dance show in the ABQ!! See you there…

Best show of EDM season?

EDM artists seem to flee our southern climate by April and head back to places like B.C. and the Pacific Northwest, England, Colorado; so this is almost guaranteed to be the best show of our Austin season. Hopefully we’re near the end of the season, cuz this year’s long cold Winter has been so sucky!
Justin Boreta looks like he might be 25, and the rest of The Glitch Mob can’t be much older. Truly gifted artists and already legends in the genre.

DJ Ana Sia will open for the guys. She’s a bass music heavyweight who’s been featured in National Public Radio shows. Not unlike the first recordings we got from Ooah, Edit, Kraddy and Boreta, Ana Sia’s work is super cool and hard to categorize [yet]!