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First show of Summer

A selection of my paintings for show and sale.
May 21st through late June.

Magnolia Cafe
Magnolia Cafe

Magnolia Cafe
2304 Lake Austin Blvd.
Austin, TX 78703

Flux Pavillion… and more

Good show by Flux Pavillion, with a surprise visit beforehand from Cookie Monsta.  Lots of fun.  Emo’s will need to do some tuning on the house sound to keep hosting dubstep shows.  It’s a little more than just, “turn the bass all the way up.”



Balmorhea 2011 – Private Party

Balmorhea Grand Opening in 1941

We’ll be playing Balmorhea 2011, a private function, October 7-9.  The shows will be visual as well as live-mix dance music.  I’ll try to publish at least one show in the Broadcast section here.  It’s an invitation-only event but invitations may not be hard to come by for friends of Submetro Studios.  Warning: it’s a 7-hour drive to Balmorhea from Austin.


Starbucks gig a success

So we got a better setup and more tips for this show – and plenty of people asking for our cards to book events.  Yayy!  Kudos to 2LiveStu for crewin’ and keepin’ the place hoppin’!

BDS and 2Live on the decks!