Tunes in the key of Awesome!

I could not have returned to the UNM culture at a better time!  I am sooo jazzed to be going to the TrapFest (phuturePrimitive and two more similar DJs, as well as some of our best new glitch and hardstyle artists).  It’s March 10 at the Rey.

March 20 marks the annual return of Jeff Abel (Excision) to the ABQ.  Given his creativity, his work-ethic, and his passion – both for his fans and for his art, Jeff is easily the best EDM artist on the planet.  This will be the 7th time I’ve seen Jeff play live.  Four years ago, when he first played the Rey, they sucked so much power off the downtown ABQ power grid that all of central Albuquerque went dark.

Jeff agreed with ABQ authorities that he would always bring his own power if he played again here.  Sure enough he’s returned to the ABQ every year since – and he’s always brought his own juice.  It’s like a whole municipal power station set up in the lot behind the theater!

Damn, dude.  I haven’t seen Cookie Monsta since 2010!!  I never see him on the charts so I thought maybe he’d quit!  Very cool.  That guy’s got serious bass in his soul!



Dead ahead

I was sixteen when an older camp counselor, on our permanent staff like myself at John Knox Ranch in the heart of the Texas hill country, introduced me to the Grateful Dead.  Late that Summer we got to go see the Dead at Manor Downs, a bit Northeast of Austin, and we got to hug Jerry Garcia on his 40th birthday.  That might have been the most significant, most socially intertwined, moment of my entire life.

No one in the band, and no one in the crew around the band, was wound up that night.  Warm, sure.  But very laid back.

There was a beautiful blonde girl dancing in front of the stage that night.

My best friend Diane (40 years later) was there.  She was the beautiful blonde!  She’s still a beautiful blonde!!!  And she’s NOT a real blonde – she just acts like one!