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After Midnight

In loving memory of the late J.J. Cale, my new “After Midnight” cake features Swiss chocolate, coconut, dark Mexican chocolate and a hint of Indonesian vanilla. 


Last Show Before ABQ

Yellow Claw plays ABQ tomorrow night!!!

Here they are just a few nights ago in Netherlands.  This was probably the last gig before they left Europe for the Albuquerque show…

Yellow Claw Plays Albuquerque!

Here they are in Amsterdam just ten days ago.  They’ll be coming straight from Netherlands to the Albuquerque show on May 14th, then on to Global Dub on the 15th at Red Rocks. Will be a rare and outstanding dance show in the ABQ!! See you there…


Time brings all things to pass.
There are no second chances.
There is only this moment,
and the next,
when everything you want will collide
with everything standing in your way.
Purpose and meaning are not to be found
in the laws of nature.
It is our job to create them,
as we journey into the vast emptiness of the universe
and seek fellowship among the stars.
We are the architects of the future.
This is our empire.

                                from Empire, by Delta Heavy

Subharmonic Heartbeat!

Great show by Rido at Let It Roll in Prague last year.  Isn’t it time to promote an outdoor bass music festival in New Mexico???

So my heart beats somewhere below 60Hz DC…  Does yours?  Loud and low is better.  😉